Protection and appearance of the roofs

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Protection and appearance of the roofs

The roofs on many houses may have roof windows, may be straight, saddle, with misplaced roofs, smooth or colorfully covered, depending on the taste of the owners who live under them. In the contemporary building, there are variety of solutions so that the actual production is adapted to tile models and colors. The owners of properties expect much more than just protection against the weather from the roofs. In addition to nice look, on the roof can be found a place for solar panels and photovoltaic cells.

Many families have expressed a special affinity to the modern architecture and to the appropriate roof forms and warm color tones. Producers launched the new models of tiles: modified form of roof tiles, specifically intended to cover flat roofs that protect the house in areas with heavy rainfall like the roof slope below 20 degrees.

The big problem is the dirt of the roof that is caused by moss and algae and spoils the appearance of the roof. Glazed tiles could be one of the possible solutions but in some parts do not meet the norms of the spatial plan. There are special coatings that dissolve all harmful substances from the air, which then easily can be washed out by rain. These coatings have a palette of colors, which is also diverse and includes brown, red or black through to blue and green. So you can choose a color that you prefer most.


The new architecture and the way of covering of the roof are in close interrelation. Roof coverings, with elegant and straight looks, are particularly suitable for covering the modern buildings.

The most popular are roof coatings of zinc, aluminum, or more recently in stainless steel. All these covers require a high level of precision during the process of connecting the individual elements and can be placed only and exclusively by trained and skilled people. In addition, expenses for these types of cover are much higher than with modern tiles, but they last much longer.

Green Roofs

Ecologically oriented family can make a roof in a completely different way. They may look for an alternative in the form of a green roof. Considering that such roofs retain rainwater, sewage drains are not big problem. Moreover, green roof has additional benefits. Thanks to the higher thermal insulation, it’s pleasantly warm during the winter under such a roof, while pleasantly cool during the summer. It must be stressful that not every roof is suitable for planting herbs.

In addition to planting herbs, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the types of plants that are planted. The choice is pretty simple: species that are resistant and which do not require additional care are the perfect. During the winter, green roofs look a bit messy, but during the summer the offer a full range of all possible colors with colorful plants.

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