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Congratulations, if you can read this you made it to 2014 !
Some web sites are a wonderous collection of colour, sound, and shopping carts with little flashing icons where you can have the total shopping experience. By default because you went to their site they can pop a little cookie on your computer and legally monitor and collect all the information they want about you. They know exactly what you are up to, where you came from and where you are going. In fact most savy stores say please go to our website and you may win a prize. Once you go to their site, they got you
I have no time for that nonsense, just replace your 20 year old dead Dicon smokes with some new DICON smokes, I can retire, shut down this site and get on with life. You have probably just landed on the most cynical, humourous site that sells smoke detectors. Hi, congratulations, it took me years and years of dealing with the public to get this way. Enjoy the site, I have what you want, they will arrive at your door, they work.


DICON Smoke Detectors
If your smoke detector is made by DICON, I have the replacement
Only Available for shipment to the United States, No Canadian models left
Direct DICON replacement model is SA379UL
20$C(about 19$US) 330/360/370/379 Replacements, FREE FREIGHT on a box of 6 or more
Jan 2014: Less than 200 SA379UL pieces left, down from 5500, almost gone
Dicon Smoke Detector Cross Reference
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This is what the box looks like that I send you. Inside is an American Sensors Smoke Detector, brand new, never used original box, complete with a battery backup mechanism and battery. They have a full 10 year warranty from the day you buy them. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase. The smoke has a new mounting ring, which you have to remove, and a new electrical connector, which everybody throws away. The old smoke spins off, the new smoke spins on, job done. I ship them to you via the great Canadian and American postal system. They take about a week to arrive. There is a tracking number. Gone are the days when honesty prevailed. The post office does not steal or lose boxes. People these days order stuff, the day it arrives phone me and say 'wheres my stuff' and claw their card back. This caused me to ship everything with a tracking number. I KNOW when you get these smokes.


This is the mounting ring. This is what the smoke mounts to. You have one of these rings on your ceiling, do not remove it This new smoke will snap on to the old ring. Before you install the new smoke, you have to remove the mounting ring on the new smoke and discard it, or use it, or if you are a hoarder, keep it. You also have to remove that piece of paper you see inside the smoke bewtween the mounting ring and the smoke. Do not call me up and say "hey you're ripping me off cause this sucker does not mount on my old smoke" cause I'll say, very politely, "remove the new ring from the new smoke before trying to snap it on to the old ring" and then you will feel like an idiot, and I will shake my head


This is a picture of the smoke taken out of the box, and the battery drawer that holds the 9 volt battery has been openned. You do not need to use the 9 volt batery to make the unit work, it's there in case the power goes out


This is the back of the box showing where you may have smoke detectors in your house. You MUST replace all of the OLD dicon smokes with NEW dicon smokes The new ones will not operate in conjunction with the old ones. If you count more than 5 smokes in your house, get a spare, if you are not the original owner and you think some space cadets have previously remodeled your house and buried one in the wall or covered one up with a false ceiling then get a spare, or two. These units will keep forever if you keep them clean, dry, in their box.


This is what your electrical connector looks like. You may wish to enlarge this picture to make sure that I am not shooting you a line of B.S. Note that there are three wires, a white, black, coloured. The white and the black are the 120 volt power wires. The black is live, the white is the common, and the coloured is the interconnect. The coloured wire connects all the units together such that when one unit fires off they all fire off. If you cut or do not connect the coloured wired then the smoke is a standalone unit. The dcumentation says you should replace the old connector with the new, turn off the power before doing this. Leaving the power on when playing with electricity can be most entertaining and manly, but not advised


A new elctrical connector is supplied in the box with the smoke. The documentation says you should replace the old connector with the new connector, but people are lazy and scared of electricity so they use the old one. Thats OK with me, they fit, thats why I bought thousands of these smokes cause they snap in and out. Word of caution,note which way they go in and be GENTLE. If you do that macho thing and jam the sucker in you will force the little tabs into the smoke, causing you all kinds of grief and then you phone me up trying to tell me its defective, No, wont work, dont even try to call me on this

Whats left

This is a picture taken on New Years day 2014 showing how many of these I have left. Two cases of 72 and a few 6 packs. I bought 75 cases of these a few years ago. I can hardly wait to get rid of these things, get them out of my life, close down the business, play golf and grow more grey hair. You can buy a carton of 72, or a 6 pack, or just the number you need. Regardless of how many you order they are 20$ Canadian each. FREE shipping on a box of 6 or more. If you get less than 6, freight is 25$. They make great stocking stuffers, purfect Valentine gifts, and the best birthday present you can give

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